The NJIT Highlanders Angel Network, Inc. ™ is comprised of accredited investors (based on the guidelines specified by the Securities and Exchange Commission) who are NJIT alumni, NJIT faculty/staff members, private investors, large and small business executives, and industry professionals. They possess a full range of skills representing multiple industries.

The NJIT Highlanders Angel Network, Inc.™ investors may provide investment capital, mentoring, and access to a network of resources to support High-Tech Life Science & Technology related businesses ( e.g. bioscience, information technology, advanced energy, electronics controls, sensors and advanced materials industries). The Network also promotes entrepreneurship activities at NJIT through exposure to Angel Investors who will make investments in worthy business ventures. When applicable, the NJIT Highlanders Angel will assist in forging partnerships for entrepreneurial companies.

The NJIT Highlanders Angel Network, Inc.™ is associated with NJIT.  The NJIT Highlanders Angel Network, Inc.™ is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a forum for angel investors.